Lifestyle Package

Lifestyle Package

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This is for someone who is looking invest and establish a healthy lifestyle. This holistic lifestyle package combines training, nutrition and goal setting all in one. You have 2 program options:

  • 4-WEEK

  • 8-WEEK

A proper training regime and nutrition program go hand-in-hand like avocado and toast. So, it’s important that if you’re dedicating time and effort to one, you need to do the same for the other! This program is delivered online, but it will feel like I’m with you every step of the way.

Program includes …

  • 1x 1 hour consultation session to establish goals and program design

  • Progressive and periodized programming based on specific needs and schedule

  • Modifications and visual demonstrations provided as needed

  • Sample meal plan

  • Nutrition plan based on goals & activity level

  • Goal setting session

  • 1x 60min coaching call OR 2x 30min coaching calls per week

  • 24/7 open access to Alena

Program Length:
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