TEAM2XL Small Group Training Program

TEAM2XL Small Group Training Program

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Looking to build strength, improve your conditioning & train with a team of like-minded individuals? TEAM2XL is for YOU.

This is a 6-week small group training program where we meet 2x/ week to train together as a team. Every participant will follow a 6-week periodized strength training program with modifications & variations specific to their needs. Each workout will consist of a thorough warm-up, power movements, strength block, conditioning & proper cool down. I want to give you the tools to excel in the gym & in life, so we will ensure good habits are formed as we move through each workout.

This is the original program that brought Training2XL to life six years ago in the Athletic Complex of Wilfrid Laurier University & I am so excited about finally bringing it to the downtown core!

LOCATION: The Attic at lululemon 318 Queen St. W

TIMES: Tuesday’s & Friday’s from 6:45-8am

DATES: November 5th - December 13th

What’s Included:

  • 6-Weeks of Training2XL Programming [2x/ week]

    • Modifications & variations made specific to individual’s needs & goals

  • 1:1 Initial Training & Nutrition Consultation

  • $50 lululemon Gift Card

  • 10-Page Resource Guide

  • Facebook Community for Additional Resources

    • Nutrition [recipes, grocery lists, etc], recovery methods, goal setting strategies

  • Team Environment

Join the team & lets get TRAINING TO EXCEL!

See ‘additional info’ for FAQ.

Note: another round of the program will open for January 2020

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Who is this program for?

For anyone looking for accountability from a team of people, enjoys challenging themselves in the gym & is hungry to learn how to move well!

Can I sign-up for only 1x/ week?

Absolutely! You’ll notice there are two pricing options - you will choose the ‘1x/week’ option & specify which day of the week you’d like to come in your intake form.

Do I need to have been an athlete to participate?

Nope! We will be creating our own team, but if you were once an athlete you will definitely appreciate the way the programs are structured.

What can I expect with the workouts?

These are strength-focused workouts - each lift will start with a warm-up, followed by a power component. The meat of the workout is focused on the foundational movements (squat, hinge, press, pull, lunge) and accessory exercises as well. I always like to end with some conditioning to ensure our hearts are in peak condition, so don’t be surprised if we end with something that gets the heart rate up!

Is nutrition coaching included?

Similar to the training portion of the program, the nutrition will be delivered in a group-style as well. We will discuss specifics for you & your lifestyle in our initial consultation, but during the program I will share nutritional guidance to reap the benefits from your training!

Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely! You can pay all up front, or choose to pay bi-weekly for the 6-weeks. Please contact to discuss specifics for invoicing.

Will there be another round?

YES! Staring in January 2020 there will be an 8-week program starting. This one is 6-weeks because I want to be mindful of the chaos of the holiday season! Registration will be open January 2nd for the second round.