10 Things I Love About Being Canadian

Having spent the last year in Ohio, constantly defending my country, my accent and my Canadian pride - I would love nothing more than to share all the things I love about being Canadian. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of my experience at both Ohio University and at Berkshire School years ago, but I will always take pride in the fact that I am Canadian.

What better timing to post than on my country's 150th birthday (I know, we look good for our age), I am happy to celebrate with fireworks, a Molson beer, and chopping some wood with my pet beaver and polar bear by my side.

Here are my top 10 things I love about being Canadian ...

(1) We're nice, polite, and we pretty much all know each other.

"Pardon?" always sounds a little bit smoother than "HUH?" and it's hard to walk down the street without smiling or high five-ing people you don't even know. Also, the number of times I've met someone in another country that's asked me if I know so and so and we found out that we do in fact know each other ...

(2) Maple Syrup

You all knew I was going to try to sneak in some sort of nutrition tip ... maple syrup is a wicked sweetener-alternative as it is packed with nutrients and electrolytes. I mean yeah, it's still sugar but it's a naturally-occurring sugar with a ton of additional benefits! We're all pretty much like Buddy the Elf - maple syrup is it's own food group.

(3) We have Drake, The Weeknd, Shaina, The Hip, J-Biebs, and MANY more

From country, to rap, to absolute bangers - we have some pretty awesome artists that grew up on Canadian soil. Shout-out to Drake who I used to watch on Degrassi when I was a kid.

(4) Our Prime Minister is the real deal (looks-wise too)

Justin Trudeau is the complete package and super-easy on the eyes. He's bringing a fresh outlook and perspective to the country and he just seems like a cool dude.


The Raps, Blue Jays, CFL, NHL, etc. We have some pretty bomb sports teams that create an unreal atmosphere ... Jurassic Park during playoffs? INSANE.

(6) The landscapes

North, East, South, West - Canada is home to some absolutely breathtaking scenery and some unreal outdoor adventures.

(7) Tim Horton's

Timmie's is most definitely better in Canada - I've even had American friends admit that too.

(8) We experience all four seasons

Contrary to prior belief, it doesn't always snow here up North - we actually have some pretty sweet weather. Chances are it's actually colder in some parts of the US in the winter.

(9) Beer commercials 

Enough said.


(10) The people

Well majority of my family are here in Canada so obviously I'm going to be bias, but it's a known fact that the people in Canada are just plain awesome.

I love being Canadian, I love where I grew up, I love what my country stands for, and I love wearing RED & WHITE. Being in the states for the past year just made me appreciate things a little differently. And yes, one of those things I appreciate is saying SOOOOOORRRRRYYYYY.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! You don't look a day over 100 ♥