Sweating, Eating & Sipping through Portland

Wholism, Hawthrone

Wholism, Hawthrone

Stumptown Roasters, Belmont St.

Stumptown Roasters, Belmont St.

Portland, OR you were a very pleasant surprise … not that I thought you wouldn’t be great, but to be honest - I just had no idea what to expect …

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re aware I was just in Portland, OR for the weekend and I have nothing but great things to say about that place! My big sis Tiffany and I started a new tradition last year of picking a city we’ve never been and committing to sweating, eating and drinking our way through all the healthy spots around town. If you are kombucha, we will find you …

After venturing through California last spring for two weeks and finding some of the best healthy gems, we knew this was something we wanted to continue each year. To be completely honest, I’m not even sure how we landed on Portland, but we’re both easy going enough that we agreed, picked a date and booked the flights. Some of the health bloggers we follow had posted several spots, so Tiff in her organized fashion, printed out a series of “guides” from various outlets. The amazing thing is, we hit a lot of the recommended ones and discovered a bunch on our own as we explored.

Here’s a quick run-down of Portland …

  • Very progressive

  • Inclusive of all people

  • Incredibly friendly - think: lots of eye contact and random conversations with strangers

  • Unique housing - every house is painted a different bright colour and it’s obvious that not one single developer built the houses in each neighbourhood

  • Very supportive of local - food, artists, coffee, beer, etc. - if you are a small business in Portland, you can ensure a ton of support from the community

  • Uber drivers make the best tour guides (and one distinctly reminded us of my Dad <3)

  • There is no tax

  • No one minds the rain

  • Murals are painted on every building making the whole city a gallery of art

  • They really dig ceramics (every plate and cup at various restaurants looked handmade)

  • Each neighbourhood has it’s own unique style

  • Chain companies are not a thing (I maybe saw 2 Starbucks and 1 CVS)

  • They really do have AMAZING coffee

  • Hands down, the best vegan soft serve south of the border

There are many other awesome things about Portland, but I don’t want to ruin it - you have to experience it for yourself! If you are planning on venturing that way, here are some of the awesome spots we ventured to on our trip …


Bridgetown Fitness

Bridgetown Fitness

  • Bridgetown Fitness

    • Super fun community class - you could tell that it was a tight-knit group but they welcomed us with open arms for a killer full body circuit

    • First class is FREE!

  • Studio X Fitness

    • We tried 3 different classes at this spot - DRENCH (HIIT circuits/ conditioning), JACKED + BURN (strength + conditioning) & JACKED (strength)

    • Awesome space with all the toys, super-inviting atmosphere and staff

    • TRIAL PACK: $20 for 2 classes then $23/ drop-in

  • Neighbourhood Runs

    • We ran each morning 2-3km to get to Studio X Fitness and the streets are so peaceful to run along (big sidewalks too!)


  • Harlow

  • Wholism

  • Tusk

  • Eb & Bean

  • Salt & Straw

  • Kure Kitchen & Juice Bar


  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters

  • Proud Mary

  • Never Coffee

  • Upper Left Roasters

  • Heart Roasters

  • Dapper & Wise

  • Townshend Tea House

  • SOMA Kombucha

  • Victoria (happy hour drinks)

  • Tusk (the coolest cocktail menu)


  • Alberta St.

  • Mississippi St.

  • Division St.

  • Downtown core (great shopping - they have a Target and a Whole Foods so you can’t go wrong)

  • Hawthrone

  • Belmont

I’m so thankful to share these trips with my big sis Tiffany. We’ve already covered a lot of the West Coast and I look forward to our coming adventures!


We’ve decided what our next city in the US is going to be - any guesses? Comment below!

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