What the heck are "macros"?

I think the most important part of nutrition for any athlete is seeing it as FUEL for the body. Nowadays there is so much on every media outlet telling you to eat like this, or don't eat this, or fit this in your "macros" ... it can all get very confusing. So, I figured I'd help clear a couple things up and give my two-cents on nutrition for training.

Let's talk about this magical word "macronutrients" ... macronutrients refers to three substances your body needs in large amounts - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are like lego pieces, they are the building blocks for lean muscle mass and help repair damaged muscle tissue. Carbohydrates are the fuel in your gas tank - they give you energy to get through your daily activities and training sessions. Finally, fats help maintain healthy organ function and make sure things are running in tip-top shape.

Micronutrients are also super important for helping the body function in prime condition. These are things like vitamins and minerals, stuff that we can get from our diets. In order to get all these amazing macro- and micronutrients, we need to eat a variety of REAL, WHOLE foods.

There is so much to nutrition, its hard to fit everything into one post, but I figured we'd start to scratch the surface with some terms that are floating around the social media world.

My take on nutrition isn't overly complicated for both my athletes and myself - eat REAL, WHOLE foods from a variety of sources to FUEL your body.

My piece of advice ... think of your body like a car, the gas you put in is fuel for the tank.