Balancing the Body

Balancing the body is key for any athlete. What I mean by that is balancing out our muscles to prevent injury and have us performing at our very best.

Muscle imbalances are very common in a lot of athletes. Depending on your sport and the specific movements to perform that sport your body adapts accordingly. One of my jobs as a strength and conditioning coach, is helping athletes strengthen their weaker areas and create more balance in their bodies. Injury prevention plays a huge role in how I personally program for athletes. I always ask myself - what are the major movements? What position are they most often in? What are common injuries in these athletes? For example, an athlete in a running sport (i.e. basketball, soccer, etc.) will probably be very quad-dominant, so it is important to build up the posterior chain (back of the body) to counter all the strength in the front of their legs. Strong quads? Let's get their hamstrings up to speed to prevent any knee injuries!

A simple way to think about it is, for a pushing exercise you want to counter it with a pulling exercise at some point in the training session. I like to think of building a whole athlete, so I want to make sure I have them moving in different directions with their exercises and that their "weaknesses" are complimented and strengthened.

Here are some of my favourite combos for balancing out the body ...

(1) Push-ups + Pull-ups




(2) DB Chest Press + DB Bent Over Row




(3) Goblet Squat + BB RDL




(4) DB Step-up + SB Hamstring Curl

dsc02924 dsc02926



Comment below with your favourite balanced superset!