Create Your Hybrid Series

I've wanted to write this post for a while, but there's SO much to it that I knew it would be a lengthy one. So I don't bore you with a 15-page blog post, this is going to be the beginning of the Create Your Hybrid series! A series of blog posts dedicated to help you find what works best for you and your lifestyle.

First off, what hybrid am I referring to? Well, by definition a hybrid is a "mixture" and "combination of two or more parts", but I see all of us people as hybrids! We are a combination of unique qualities, strengths, weaknesses, experiences, etc. We are all different and we are the way we are because of the way we were raised, the way we adapt to our environment and many other factors. This brain wave all started when I first started Training2XL and I had people asking me what diet I followed, what specific training program I did and what my coaching style was like. My answer for all these different questions was always very similar "it's my hybrid." A combination of things that I've learned over the years through my courses, certifications, relationships, experiences, and so on. I am a perfect combination of all these things.

I'm sure you hear a lot "do what works best for you", "listen to your body" - I'm guilty of it, I totally say those things, but it's true! You legitimately need to figure out how you operate best; from the food you eat, to the training style you follow, to your daily routines. We are all so different that what works for one person won't necessarily work for another and you need to honour that.

In this series we'll be discussing different areas - training, nutrition, lifestyle (my 3 faves). Each post will be focused on one of these factors so we can get a little bit more in depth with specific examples, exercises and actionable tasks.

My oldest brother Dante always challenges me with the question of "what makes Training2XL different?" And I always say that it is my unique hybrid. Trust me, there are a TON of people doing what I do but we are all different in our own way. So yeah, there's other strength coaches that love nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, but they're going to deliver that message much differently than I do - and that's the beauty of your hybrid!

I've referred to myself as a hybrid between strength and conditioning + the health and wellness world. I love working with my elite athletes, spending ample time in the weight rooms surrounded by passionate and intense coaches who live and breathe the sport they work with. I love lifting heavy, talking shop with other coaches and the intensity that is created in a high performance environment. However, I also really enjoy working with the general population clients who don't necessarily have a playing surface and who just want to take simple steps to living a healthy lifestyle. With the health and wellness world, this encompasses more of the lifestyle piece. Daily habits, superfoods, self care techniques, boutique gyms and much more. I've joked before that I'm a little bit of a meathead that loves a beautifully decorated matcha latte (and will totally take a picture of it) - but hey! That's me :)

I am still discovering new things about myself and we will always evolve but I know my core values will remain the same. These core values are based off of my beliefs, philosophies, experiences and upbringing. We are all our own unique hybrid of differences and we need to own that! I am here to help you navigate how to figure out what yours is in regards to training, nutrition and overall lifestyle.

Here's the first task ...

Come up with 5 words that describe you & your current lifestyle.

Comment below with yours or use the hashtag #Hyrbid2XL