Favourite Food Spots in Toronto

For those that know me well, know I love trying new healthy food spots. I believe it all started with my dad watching the Food Network. 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives', along with 'You Gotta Eat Here' had me hooked on finding the next best hole-in-the-wall. My mom often teases me saying I wouldn't eat half the stuff they find at these restaurants, but its more the excitement of finding these undercover treasures. Although Triple D exposes some pretty epic cheat meals, I like to find places that won't leave me in a food coma for too long. A welcoming atmosphere, a space to do work (natural lighting is key), and of course, food you want to come back for is what I look for in these food spots - it definitely has become a favourite pastime of mine.

On my Instagram account, I always try to give a shout-out to new spots I try out and I have Instagram to thank for helping me find many of them! I've spent the past couple weekends in Toronto (wannabe city girl over here), and I had the chance to try some new spots and re-visit some favourites.

Here are some of my current favourites that have me itching to get to the 6ix as soon as possible ...

(1) Impact Kitchen - 573 King St. East [www.impactkitchen.ca] 

I love everything about this place - the atmosphere, the menu, the coffee, the location. Sitting at the corner of King and St. Lawrence, this gem has a clean menu with options for everyone - their mantra, "minimally processed, nutrient rich, real food." There is an array of options from brunch items, to baked goods, and a variety protein sources (not just a vegan spot, they have meat and fish). Filling, fresh, and reasonably priced - its safe to say that this spot is at the top of my list.

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(2) The Baro Inc. - 424 Queen St. West [www.thebaroinc.com] 

This is a new spot I tried out thanks to my big brother Dante - a friend of his opened up this salad chop-shop on Queen St, just west of Spadina. You can either pick a menu item, or create your own custom salad from a wide array of ingredients, all fresh and locally sourced. Homemade dressing and your choice of chopping style will have your salad perfectly customized to your liking. A cool seating concept make for a great atmosphere to kick around and hang out - for those that have ever visited SweetGreen, an NYC fave food spot, very similar to that! I will definitely be back before the summer's end.


(3) Athlete's Kitchen - 171 East Liberty St. #131 [https://athleteskitchen.ca] 

Another great spot for clean, whole, real, unprocessed food. They grill their protein as the orders come (which doesn't sound like much, but fresh fish or meat is SO much better), and they have all their ingredients carefully labelled, along with each meal's macronutrient breakdown. Felt incredibly welcomed by the staff and the food was awesome - simple, clean and fresh.

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(4) The Grow Op - 222 Ossington Avenue [http://www.thegrowop.ca]

GOOD VIBES at this place, no other way to describe it. Great location (Ossington is also home to Bang Bang ice cream which is a summer favourite), awesome staff, and fresh ingredients make for a great spot to visit. My faves are the 04, 05 and the 02 Peanut Butter Smoothie bowl (the coconut whip cream and PB choco crumble are ahhhhhmazing) - check the menu online to see what these numbers mean!


Whether you are a health nut like me, or you just like trying new spots - all of these have something very awesome to offer. Not only is the food great - that's only part of it. The atmosphere the staff/ team create are what make them places you want to keep going back to.

I am ALWAYS down for a food adventure, so please comment below with your favourite spots that I can add to my list.

Happy food hunting, homies!

P.S. I am hoping to make this post into a series, where every so often I share my favourite spots in the GTA - stay tuned!