Guest Blog - Life as an Ironman

This is something I haven't done yet, but would like to start doing more - having guest bloggers on Training2XL!

I'm wicked pumped about this one ... Morgan and Cody are ironman triathletes based in the Oakville, ON area and they have been absolutely killing their training, races, and everything in between! As they prepare for Kona, I was able to ask Morgan a couple questions about her training and nutrition to see what its like to fuel for an Ironman - a very cool perspective as she preps for the big day.

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When asked to do a guest blog for Alena, I was excited. It is nice to get out of my own way of writing and answer some questions that others are wondering.

Question: What is a day in the life when training for Ironman?

Morgan: It is BUSY. I constantly feel like I never enough time in the day. Initially, I would be swimming/cycling/running way into the night, however you get used to the time commitment. I also learned the beauty of getting your workout in before everyone is up. That was a game changer. Both Cody and I love to get up and get it done before we have emails, texts, employees needing our attention. Other than working out 1/2/3 times a day, I would say we are meal prepping, eating, researching something about triathlon or sleeping. This lifestyle is addicting and there is a lot to learn. I will be a rookie at this sport for lots of years to come.

Question: When the training gets intense, what are some tips and tricks you use to keep healthy?

Morgan: Eat. Previous to meeting Cody, I was all about “skinny girl” diet. I would limit carbs, and eat very little for the amount of training needed to complete an Ironman. During this time, I lost my period, got the flu twice, and felt depressed leading up to my race. I have learned that “skinny girl” diets are 1. useless 2. dangerous and 3. leave you starving at the end of the night. I would say I have learned to eat. Sounds silly… but seriously, put good wholesome calories in and your performance will sky rocket. The main difference from last year to this year would be how much I eat and how well I have performed. So to me that says enough. Reduce stress. Feeling overwhelmed is just a part of Ironman. If an athlete tells me they have never felt overwhelmed, you are not doing it right. This training is meant to be exhausting, but trying to limit the stress in other areas of my life has helped. If that means telling my employer that I need less hours during a certain week, or just skipping out on "girls night” if it means a good rest for tomorrows run. Plan ahead. Meal prep. Big batches of chicken, rice and broccoli/onions are all easy things that keep well in the fridge. Keep all gym bags stocked with snacks (cliff bars, nuts).You may think you don’t want it when your packing it, but at some point you will be desperate for something. Train HARD on hard days, and EASY on light days. This is cruical for staying injury free. Learn to love your natural look… you’re going to be in it 24/7.

Question: What are your favourite go-to meals?

Morgan: Oatmeal for the morning FOR SURE. I eat oatmeal every.single.morning. 1/2 oats, banana, strawberries or frozen blueberries, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seed and peanut butter Chicken/Salmon and Rice and Veggies Avocado, Eggs and Toast Protein Shakes (protein, banana, almond milk or water, frozen strawberries) Rice Cakes + Peanut Butter Protein Balls Nuts Spinach Salad (shredded carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, pecans, yellow beets)

Question: Best advice?

Morgan: Flip flops make life easier.

Wishing Morgan and Cody the best of luck as they head to Kona for the Ironman World Championships! BOOM.