Ingredients You Can Say

I think this might be the best piece of nutrition advice I've received over the years ... only eat ingredients you can pronounce!

My approach to nutrition is simple - EAT REAL FOOD, things our bodies are meant to intake, digest and use. There is SO much floating around the social media world ... this is good, this is bad, don't eat this, don't eat that, this causes disease ... THIS IS NUTS. I feel like the more research that is done in the world of nutrition, the more confusing things get. One week chocolate is bad for you, the next week it may cure cancer ... I can only imagine how much of a headache it is for some people to follow.

Let's go back to basics - basics being single-ingredient foods ... can you ever really go wrong eating a piece or fruit? Or perhaps adding extra vegetables to your plate? Probably not. I am by no means saying this is the right and only way to eat - I'm just trying to simplify things a little bit.

Once you've mastered eating more REAL, WHOLE foods, then things become a little more specific ... What are your goals? How much activity are you doing? What is your current height/ weight? Do you have health concerns? Etc. I just feel as though some people get very caught up in the numbers, when a simple switch of a processed food to an unprocessed food could make a world of a difference.

I am no expert, but from experience my health dramatically changed when I shifted my diet to eating more REAL food and stepping away from the processed stuff. My body composition changed, skin cleared up, I slept better, I was more focused, etc. Now that I made that change and my goals have shifted slightly, now I pay more attention to macro/micronutrients, nutrient-timing and all that fun stuff, but the first step was to ditch the processed crap.

My QUICK TIPS: Aim to shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store (think: fresh produce, meat department, etc.) and READ LABELS! If there are ingredients you cannot read, let alone say, put the box down and try to find an alternative with fewer ingredients that you can pronounce.

Stay tuned for my superfood go-to's that I include in my diet each and every day!

Stay fresh homies,