Meal Prep Series - Egg Bake

I had a hard time writing this one up because I haven't eaten eggs since Christmas (I know, insane eh?), but this one was a special request! The Egg Bake is a great breakfast on-the-go packed with protein and micronutrients (depending on what you add).

Some of you are probably still questioning why I haven't eaten eggs since December ... apparently my body and eggs just don't mix for the time being. Last fall, I got a food sensitivity test taken and I was almost flying off the charts when it came to eggs, so they've had to take a back seat for the better part of this year.


But, that doesn't mean its not a great recipe, so here you go!

NOTE: Its important to listen to your body when eating certain foods. If you are constantly bloated, experience cramping in your stomach or frequent trips to the bathroom - maybe thats something worth looking into? Just because something is healthy, does not mean it is for every individual!

Budget: ~$20

Grocery List/ Whats Needed

• 1 Dozen Eggs

• Coconut Oil

• Vegetables of Choice

• Meat of Choice

• Potatoes or pre-cut hash browns

• Toppings of choice (cheese)

• 9' x 12' Pyrex

Note: Customize the ingredients to what you prefer, you really can make any combo you'd like!


• Preheat the oven to 350°

• Coat bottom of Pyrex dish with hash browns

• Chop up ingredients you wish to add - pictured below are onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage and bacon

• In a bowl, crack all 12 eggs and whisk until fully mixed

• Add vegetables and additional protein of choice and mix until fully coated

• Pour egg mix on top of hash browns making sure the mix is properly distributed

• Bake for 30-35 minutes, but make sure to check periodically to see if eggs are fully cooked

• Cut into pieces and store in air tight container for easy access for breakfast

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Note: You can also use a muffin tin for more convenient serving sizes!

Nutrition Facts

*Calculated on MyFitnessPal

• Egg Bake with 12 eggs, shredded white potato, green pepper, onions, and mushrooms (5 servings)

Calories per piece: 215

8g of Carbs, 17g of Protein, 13g of Fat