Power of the Posterior Chain

The posterior chain refers to the back of the body and the different muscle groups associated (think calves, hamstrings, glutes, trapezius, etc.) These muscle groups are crucial when it comes to developing overall strength, power and explosiveness - just think of how much power you generate from your hips! I spend a lot of time strengthening the PC with my athletes because I find that many of them are anterior-dominant - meaning they are very strong in the front of their body. Think of sports that are primarily running, this is going to create a lot of quad-dominance which may contribute to potential injury risks if the hamstrings are not equally as strong.

I've also discussed in previous blogs that the pull is equally as important as the push, meaning that an athlete who does a lot of bench (you know who you are) needs to make sure they are pulling to compliment that!

Some of my favourite exercises to strengthen the posterior chain are ... Romanian deadlifts (RDL), hip thrusts, kettle bell swings, bent over rows, cable/ resistance band face pull, plate Y's & T's - just to name a few! Each of these exercises work major muscle groups in the PC and are excellent exercises to incorporate during both in-season and off-season training programs.

Romanian Deadlift


Hip Thrusts 

Bent Over Rows

Bent Over T's

As much as these core exercises are critical for developing strength in the posterior chain, there are some activation exercises that are beneficial as well! These include glute bridges, supermans, lying y's, t's, w's & i's, scap push-ups, and many more.

If you have more questions about specific workouts or training protocols, feel free to contact me at training2xl@gmail.com and I'd be happy to help!