T2XL Turns 2


Ahhhh Training2XL has finally entered the toddler years and what a ride it has been. A LOT has happened this year in my business and in my life, so as I did last year I wanted to share my ride and takeaways I learned from different experiences. My side hustle, passion project and little labour of love.

Here is my Top 10 lessons from my second year as an entrepreneur ...

(1) My father's passing changed me & my business 

I am a very different person since my dad passed away in August. It completely changed me which in turn has changed my business. I do believe it is for the better, I just wish that didn't have to happen for me to make these changes. I want to continue my father's legacy by living more selflessly, be more present and to appreciate the beautiful things he taught me when he was with us. I want to impact others and influence them in a positive way - not just with their training and nutrition, but with their lives. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him and want one of his big bear hugs, but that's my reality. I am grateful for all the love and support I'm continuously surrounded with.

(2) Being genuine will always trump popularity

It's so easy to play the comparison game when you're in the big, bad world of social media, but staying true to who you are, your beliefs and your core values is so important. Who cares I don't have 10k followers? What you see is me and it would take too much damn effort to be anyone else.

(3) Real "laughing" pictures have flared nostrils

Sometimes taking "candid" pictures can be awkward but you'll know if I'm actually laughing in a picture if you can see up my nose ... shout-out to my boyfriend and friends for being my IG photogs and for always making me laugh while I take these, sometimes mega-awkward, pictures.

(4) Coconut oil is still the cure for everything 

Dry skin? Coconut oil. Chapped lips? Coconut oil. Healing hair mask? Coconut oil. Student debt? Coconut oil. You guys get the point, it works for a lot of different things (unfortunately it does not pay off student debt, but you will have smooth skin, shiny hair and moisturized lips while attempting to do so).

(5) Valuing yourself is more important than the approval of others

Something my business coach taught me this year is that when you value yourself and what you do you're actually doing others a service. It took me a while, but I know the quality of the services I provide, the work that goes into my programs, ebooks, posts, etc., and the passion behind everything I do.

(6) Pedilyte is a great cure for a hangover ... #COLLEGE

Definitely lived a "balanced" lifestyle when I was in Ohio, but ya know what? I enjoyed it, met some awesome people, and have some wicked memories of that place. I filled each and every day of grad school with a lot of work, training, running around and making the most of my time there. Most days started at 4am and ended at 10pm, but I learned a heck of a lot in one year there.

(7) Experience will teach you more than any textbook or course ever will. 

From working with DI NCAA varsity athletes at Ohio University to venturing around a big city by myself - experience will always be where I learn the most. No matter how many courses I take or articles I read, I don't actually understand the value of things until I can apply them to a real life situation.

(8) Stepping outside your comfort zone is the best thing you'll ever do. 

Doing things you're scared of, talking to people who intimidate you, or trying something completely outside of your scope is a perfect learning opportunity. Life is about EXPERIENCE and what fun is it to stay inside your comfy little box?

"The wall of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favourite excuses"

  • Jen Sincero "You Are a Badass at Making Money"

(9) You can spend too much money on kombucha ...

I'm embarrassed to admit how much money I'm willing to spend on the effervescent, probiotic, gut-health drink.

(10) Struggle is where you see the most growth 

I hit some rough patches this year - some very low, low points, but I honestly feel like I have grown the most after spending time at rock bottom. Break-ups (and make-ups), death, fear, loss of self have all lead me to where I am today, more myself than I've ever felt. There's obviously things I am still working on improving, but that's me - a work in progress. I truly believe we grow most after experiencing some sort of struggle in our lives.

Training2XL has grown, morphed and evolved as I have over the past two years but I am confident in saying that it is a true reflection of me and my passion. As any entrepreneur and business wants to see growth, I want to continue moving forward and developing - not for personal satisfaction, but to continually make an impact on others and help others live their best and healthiest life.

I hope you continue to follow me on my journey and I look forward to sharing more of my life, experiences and passion with you along the way.

I'm training-to-excel through life, ARE YOU!?