Vacation Mode

Now that winter has arrived (and looks like it's here to stay, at least for a bit), it's the season to TRAVEL. Whether it's for a weekend, a week, a month, travelling is an exciting opportunity to escape your day-to-day, switch up your routine and explore. But how many times do you come back from a vacation and feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? I thought we were suppose to be more relaxed when we returned!

Part of that is because we get off our "grind", slow down our routine and treat ourselves to things we don't normally do (food, massages, Netflix binges, etc). I will say this now, there is NOTHING wrong with that. However, sometimes it is still nice to have some consistency with our normal daily activities so we don't suffer too much when we return back to our regular schedules. This could be a combination of a couple things, our training, what we eat, what time we wake up, etc.

As I write this, I am days away from taking off to Las Vegas with a couple girlfriends for the weekend and as much as I am going to relax (or try to at least, can't make promises), I also want to keep a couple consistencies each day to make my return home next week a little easier.

(1) Pack Travel-Approved Snacks

If you're travelling via plane, you have to make sure your snacks are going to survive security. Real talk, there's nothing worse than when security takes away all the food you brought ... aim for things that are kept dry, in sealable containers and are easy to consume. Also, try to grab your snacks at a local grocery store, the airport's prices are as high as their planes. If you're travelling by car, you have a little bit more leeway!

Here are some of my airport-approved snacks ...

  • Homemade Trail Mix (Cashews + Pumpkin Seeds + Goji Berries)
  • Packs or Pull-Tab Tuna - quick source of protein on the go, no prep necessary!
  • Individual Packs or Ziplock-Sealed Scoop of Protein - wait until you go through security and mix with water
  • Mini Bags of Skinny Pop or Popcorn of Choice
  • Protein Bars - my favourites are GoMacro, RX Bar (only available in the US), Simply Protein, Genuine Health, or homemade!

(2) Plan Out Fun Workouts

Going somewhere you've never been? Hit up Google and check out gyms/ studios in the area you can try out. Many offer drop-in rates or even complimentary first-time users! Email ahead if you're unsure and book your spot.


If you want to get a quick circuit out without leaving the comfort of your hotel, Airbnb or cottage, try this quick and efficient bodyweight circuit.

A1. Sumo Squats

A2. Push-ups

A3. Split Squats

A4. Lateral Bear Crawls

A5. Dips

A6. Burpee to 180 Jump

(3) Wake Up Call

I'm all for turning the alarm off when you're on vacation, but if you wake up around the same time you normally do (props to the internal alarm clock), don't force yourself to keep sleeping. Wake up, grab your coffee and enjoy it. You have no where to be or rush off to but sometimes too much sleep can leave us feeling more fatigued than we'd expect. Stay in your pjs, watch a movie in bed, go for a walk, do something to enjoy the peacefulness of the morning instead of rushing (or sleeping) through it.

(4) Mindful Moments

Whether it's in the morning, while you're hanging at the beach or you just have a moment to yourself, take a second to really take in wherever you are. Take 10 deep breaths and let it sink in that you have a pretty incredible opportunity to venture off to a different city, a warm destination, or your favourite place in the world. Be grateful for it all!

(5) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This one is clutch for those travelling on a plane. A lot of people retain water and seem to get quite bloated as they travel by air, so ensuring your hydrated will help avoid coming down from cloud nine feeling like a balloon. This is also important when you're eating different foods, in a warmer climate or consuming one too many glasses of wine ... water should be your best friend each day!

Also, wearing compression socks may help avoid swelling/ bloating in your ankles and legs.

(6) Stick to the Supplements

If you're someone that takes a probiotic or a multi-vitamin, make sure to bring them along with you when you travel! This is another great way to keep your system operating efficiently even when you're not in the comfort of your own home. I like to take a probiotic (gut health/ digestion), omega-3's (brain & cardiovascular health), magnesium (recovery & calming the nervous system), and digestive enzymes (lifesaver when you're eating things you don't normally eat) with me wherever I venture off to!

(7) Heel-Toe Express

The beautiful thing about being in a new place is exploring it and what better way to do that than by walking everywhere. Depending on where you are (obviously you're limited if you're not closes to places you want to go), but if you're within a couple km's from your destination take the heel-toe express! Aiming to get over 10, 000 steps in a day is a great place to start. It's amazing what that kind of simple movement can do for your metabolism, body composition and overall health.

I can't say Vegas is the healthiest place I've ever visited but I most definitely got my steps in (just used the Health App on my iPhone to keep track) ...

Now, as I said earlier if you want to completely fall off the map of your day-to-day routine, BY ALL MEANS - you do you. These tips aren't meant to be strict, just tricks to help you still lead the healthy lifestyle you love while enjoying a new environment or weekend getaway.

My final reminder ... Eat good food, spend time with people you love, immerse yourself in a new experience or culture, sleep in, and enjoy every minute of your adventure.