When Opportunity Knocks

ANSWER IT. I can't explain how important it is to capitalize on opportunities when you are presented with them. Even if you're scared, you have to go for it - it's amazing what happens when you take a chance on something you don't know much about. I know this from both professional and personal experience.

I will be the first to admit, when I was younger I always chose the safer option. I always did what was comfortable and rarely did I branch out to set outside my comfort zone. Once I hit university, I slowly started to take more risks ... baby risks, but still risks. I started going after things I knew nothing about but always wondered what would come from it.

I am a Type A person and always like things to be done in a certain order. My life for example ... get my undergrad degree, do my masters, complete an internship ... BOOM - full-time job. Didn't exactly happen like that ... instead, I got my undergrad degree, got my CSCS, full-time job for two years THEN my masters. You can only imagine what this does to my to-do list of life ... BUT there was an opportunity to create a strength and conditioning program from the ground up and you better believe I was not missing out on that chance.

So maybe I did things a little out of order? But now I'm in a program that I can relate to, we talk about things I've already applied in my coaching career and I'm learning different strategies on how to tackle different problems. Was I scared picking up my life in Waterloo and moving to Athens, Ohio? Hell yeah. Did it stop me? Absolutely not. I told myself that if I committed to this masters program at OU I would be ALL IN. I promised that I would capitalize on every experience and every opportunity presented to me.

Last week, I got my first opportunity to travel with the OU women's basketball team. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, I know game days run like a well-oiled machine and wanted to make sure I found my place and didn't disrupt the flow. I'm happy to say we got a big W and I enjoyed every minute of being on the bench.

As cheesy as this may sound (and this is probably going to sound REALLY cheesy), but I always remember one of the quotes thats written on the OG lululemon bag "do one thing a day that scares you" ... yo, you actually need to think about this the next time you're making a decision about going after something or not ... are you saying no because that's what's best for you? Or are you saying no out of fear and discomfort? I remember how I felt trying out for a new basketball team, I had finally decided to leave the comfort of my hometown team and try out for essentially our arch-neimsis ... best decision ever (shout-out to my Transway girls).

Capitalize on opportunities and get used to being uncomfortable ... you never know what will come from it.