Athlete in Life Strength Training Program

Athlete in Life Strength Training Program


The Athlete in Life Strength Training Program is designed to build functional strength, increase metabolism & challenge your body in a new way.

I believe we are all athletes even without a playing field - athletes in life & I want to teach you how to train like one!

I will equip you with the tools to build a sustainable foundation of strength while building lean muscle mass for optimal metabolism function & overall health. Don’t worry, everything laid out for you from warm-ups, to conditioning, to nutrition guidance - I’ve got your back!

Whether you are a rookie in the gym or a seasoned vet, this program has something for YOU.

Are you ready to start training-to-excel?

The ATHLETE IN LIFE Strength Training Program includes …

  • 8-week periodized strength training program

  • warm-up & cool down protocols

  • supplementary workouts

  • a daily wellness survey

  • nutrition guidance

  • exclusive access to an exercise resource library & Facebook community

  • access to me as your coach

  • & much more!

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